Interview with “Once Upon A Time’s” BELLE Actress!

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For all you LOST fans, you’ll be excited to hear that Emilie de Ravin (also known as CLAIRE!) will be playing Belle in ABC’s “Once Upon A Time”! Yep, THAT Belle, tea cups, Beast, and all!

Check out this interview with Emilie.


I can’t wait for you all to see these next episodes, they’re so fantastic!


Belle, Once Upon A Time

2 thoughts on “Interview with “Once Upon A Time’s” BELLE Actress!

  1. Yeah, this guy is just everywhere, I wasn’t sreruispd at all when I saw his name under the WFE title. He works so much and it’s a shame there’s always someone who takes away his deserved Oscar award. Still, though there’s a lot of his pieces I love, I’m faithful to his Atlantis: The Lost Empire soundtrack. Tracks The Swim & Kida Transforms remind me why I love listening to music at all. It makes you feel like you’re underwater swimming with fishes right next to you or you’re taking a part in a strange, ancient civilisation’s traditional ritual. As weird as it is, it’s amazing how music can affect on you. So yeah, seriously, I love this guy.

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