Once Upon A Time…

Many a story begins with that phrase…but none have started quite like this…

ABC’s new drama “Once Upon A Time”, created by “LOST” writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz – with music by Mark Isham, is an exciting new fantasy series exploring fables we all remember, but in an exciting new way.

Check out this behind the scenes video – and be sure to join the other 12.8 million “Once” viewers next Sunday at 8/7 central on ABC!

[youtube_sc url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzIFROnLSVc width=500 rel=0 fs=1]

7 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time…

    1. I too am trying to find this, and there were only snippets of the theme in the 2nd episode. Hope we get more of it going forward.

  1. There’s a piece of music playing in this episode near the end where John Doe/Prince Charming is hugging his “wife” and then he sees Mary Margaret Blanchard/Snow White twisting the ring on her finger. This piece seems to me playing a lot in scenes with John Doe/Prince Charming and Mary Margaret Blanchard/Snow White.
    Does anyone know what it is?

  2. I would love it if the musical pieces from Once Upon A Time could be released as a soundtrack they are beautiful compositions I enjoy listening to them as I watch the show and would love to hear them in their entirety.

    1. hi… Can you tell me where did you see the music piece of once upon a time soundtrack by Mark Isham? I have been looking for it along time already and I couldn’t really find it.

      thank you… for your help….

  3. I desperately need the orchestral suite sheet music. That would be wicked cool! Can I buy it anywhere? I’m a violinist and I would love a violin arrangement also. <3 The music!

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