Vapor Drawings

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“Vapor Drawings was my first solo recording, my first adventure into a large-scale electronic music record. I played almost all the instruments on it — in fact everything except the drums. It was a big challenge and took a lot of hard work. I see it as the first of a series of records that experimented with this genre (whatever that genre might be considered – somewhere between New Age and Fusion) the second of which was Tibet, the third of which was Castalia.”

–Mark Isham

5 thoughts on “Vapor Drawings

  1. is “Vapor Drawings” still available for sale? I was going through my tapes and it was gone from the case. I would like to replace my copy of this recording. I especially liked “Mr. Moto’s Penquin” Thank you for your reply. j barker

  2. Artist is the greatest since 1996 that I follow with great passion to your music.

    I want to let you know that this album “Tibet” is a masterpiece I never tire of listening, beautiful, fantastic.

    I met your beautiful music when I was 17 years buying two discs of the fantastic LP Windham Hill “Movie Music” and “Vapor Dravings” and subsequently “Tibet”
    “Castalia virgin” and “Mark Isham 1990 Virgin”.

    These albums are IN moltacura with LP and I keep them in my discography.

    Dearest great Artist I hope you will continue to give me great emotions with your Great and Great Music.

    A greeting and a hug from ‘Italy Alfredo

  3. Mark, I must say that “Vapor Drawings” is one of my favorite recordings of all time! I have several pressings on Windham Hill vinyl, but only one copy on CD. “On The Threshold Of Liberty is perhaps one of the most mesmerizing! Is there any plans to reissue this on perhaps HD Tracks or remastered CD? Would love to hear on high resolution audio.
    From an audiophile of sorts.
    E. Jason C.

  4. I am a serious fan of Gary Oldman. His films rarely disappoint. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a copy of “Romeo is Bleeding” in a thrift store and snatched it up immediately. I was totally unprepared for my reaction to the film. It was ridiculously entertaining. His performance was brilliant, and let’s not forget Lena and Annabella. But the music! Oh, my… I have since made an effort to collect many of Mark’s releases. Delightful! His work has provided me with a newfound appreciation for the importance of the film score, but what really impresses me is how well the music stands on its own. I have an excellent 2 channel music system, and it’s never more impressive than when reproducing Mark’s music. Hail, hail, Mark Isham!!!

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