“Mark is a man who really lives his craft… One of the most attractive features about Mark is that he knows how to keep things simple. I like music that is subtle but still supports the drama and is there for a reason, and Mark did that so beautifully.”

– Robert Redford on Emanuel

“Isham is firmly entrenched in the A-list of film composers…”

– Josef Woodard, JazzTimes

“…that promise you expect of a great artist – to move you in ways that you never expected.”

– Paul Haggis, on Crash

“[Mark] is a world class composer and musical genius…”

-Emilio Estevez

“The key to Mark Isham is that he’s a great trumpet player…”

– Brian De Palma

“…when [Isham] called me up and asked me to sing on this song, I couldn’t believe it…thank you so much Mark”

-Lyle Lovett, from Sound Stage Presents Lyle Lovett

“His artistry makes you wish you could live in that musical place every waking moment!”

– Anne Archer

“… a wonderful set of pastels. The variety of color combinations he creates with his quintet is intriguing.”

-Chick Corea, on Blue Sun

“Isham is one of the great film composers of today…” “…the mood is so powerful and magical it stays with you like a classic movie.”

– Robbie Robertson, on Blue Sun

“As usual, Mark’s maturity and concept in his playing shines forth.”

– John Patitucci, on Blue Sun

“Isham’s compositions are darkly romantic, with a disquieting air suitable to the movie’s nourish subject; the playing, of course is masterly.”

– Billboard, on Afterglow

“Another Green Day For Mark Isham”
From Mix Magazine
[Full Article]

“…As an artist, musician, and composer, he stands out…”
From the GC Pro Magazine article.
[Full Article]

“Mark Isham, the highlight of the second Transatlantyk Festival…”
From The Hollywood Reporter
[Full Article]

“…Isham receives standing ovation at Transatlantyk…”
From Nerd Speak Media
[Full Article]

“Award Winning Composer Mark Isham at the Transatlantyk Film And Music Festival In Poland”
From News Album
[Full Article]

“…Musical guest of honor at Transatlantyk, Mr. Mark Isham”
From Polish News
[Full Article]

“Great success at Cordoba Film Music Festival”
From Mikael Carlsson
[Full Article]

“This year’s guest President, Mr. Mark Isham…”
From ASCAP Playback
[Full Article]

“…for many a contemporary director, the ideal go-to-guy for music in film…”

From the LA Confidential article: A Man of Note by Lizzie Simon
[Full Article]

“Once Upon A Time”

ABC Video Interview with “Once Upon A Time” music composer Mark Isham

“It’s easy to know where to start; the question was where we end up.”

Mark Isham profiled in the LA Times by Dennis Lim,0,1849095.htmlstory?coll=env-pollpromo

“Mark Isham’s Fairy Tale Year”

ASCAP Interview with Mark
ASCAP We Create Music – Interview With Mark Isham CLICK HERE

“Lots of sleep is way overrated”

Mark Isham – The Right Man for the Job by Michael Beek on Music from the

“If you get comments like that, you don’t ignore them”

David Mermelstein for Daily Variey
[Full Article]

“Mark Isham is firmly entrenched in the A-list of film composers getting a steady flow of work in Hollywood…”

JazzTimes “Before and After” by Josef Woodard

“…that was where all the cool guys were. Guys who would sit back, and pick up their horns, and play loud –
play the fun stuff.”

Thomas Erdmann interviews Mark for the International Trumpet Guild Journal
[Full article]

“…each project offers an opportunity to explore a whole other world…”

M-Audio video interview – “Mark Isham: Composing Sound to Picture”

“… one show cannot even begin to touch what Mark has achieved…”

Visions in Sound audio interview by Rob Daniels

      1. ”[Full
@audio_files/VIS_356.mp3″ volslider=”y” style=”outline”]

“…I wanted to really find a blend between the ethnic sound of that world and the aggression of modern
electronic rock music…” interview by Miguel Angel Ordonez & Pablo Nieto


“…Isham is at his experimental best…”

Daniel Schweiger, Film Music Radio

In The Valley of Elah

“This is the art of de-scoring, pulling back, and letting the drama release itself…”

Down In The Valley Of Elah with Paul Haggis by Rudy Koppl on Music from the

Reservation Road

“…Like having the emotional wind knocked out of you…”

Video Podcast on the Reservation Road score at Soundtrack.Net


“ooh, that gave me goosebumps!”

Video podcast of Mark on Soundtrack.Net talking about his work on the film Gracie


“… the film inspired composer Mark Isham (Crash, The Black Dahlia, Eight Below) to a highly original approach…”

Film Music Weekly – Mikael Carlsson
[Full article]


“The quirkier side took a little turn into some of the sounds of the 60’s…”

Mark speaks to Jeff Bond of the Hollywood Reporter about the Bobby score
[Full article]

“…there is an emotional dialogue between the speech and the score…”

Hollywood Reporter interview about the score for Bobby by Ada Guerin
[Full atricle]

“Isham has written a dramatic work, full of somber emotional cues…”

“Mark Isham scores Bobby” – Photo Essay on Soundtrack.Net

The Black Dahlia

“Contributing in no small part to the stylish noir setting is composer Mark Isham’s score…”

First Listen of Mark’s soundtrack to The Black Dahlia by Dan Goldwasser

“…Mark Isham…wins the Best Original Score for a Drama Film of 2006…”

Mark Isham wins Best Original Score for a Drama Film of 2006 –

“Isham does what he does best here: he uses his trumpet…”

Clef Notes – by Ada Guerin The Hollywood Reporter “Oscar Watch: Song & Score” issue, November 2006
[Full atricle]


“…a larger orchestra will record the triumphant finale to the film…”

“Mark Isham scores a touchdown with Invincible” Photo Essay on Soundtrack.Net:

ASCAP/Henry Mancini Award

“The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers presented its Henry Mancini Award to Mark Isham…”

Hollywood Reporter: News & Notes – ASCAP Henry Mancini Award
[Full Article]

Eight Below

“A wonderfully exciting and above all emotional score…”

Venice Magazine – “Best Scores of 2006” by Daniel Schweiger
[Full article]


“…it insinuates itself into scenes like a ghost echo sounding over your shoulder…”

Echoes audio interview with John Diliberto


“…The score was almost like a guardian angel sitting on your shoulder…helping you through the story…”

Cinemagic audio interview with Chris Panico

      3. ”[Full
@../audio_files/XMRadioInterview.mp3″ volslider=”y” style=”outline”]

“…the score constantly referenced…redemption…the idea that people can rise above…”

KCSN audio interview with Martin Perlich

      4. ”[Full
@../audio_files/CsunInterview.mp3″ volslider=”y” style=”outline”]

“Music should only stand out when it is truly another character in the movie…”

Interview with Dan Goldwasser of SoundtrackNet

“Isham’s understated yet powerful score plays a vital role in conveying the film’s unique message…”

M-Audio interview – “Mark Isham: Reaching for the Bright Idea”

In Her Shoes

“…one moment you should be laughing, and the next moment you should be crying…”

Mark talks about “In Her Shoes” with Ada Guerin of the Hollywood Reporter
[Full article]