The Back Wall is my collection of analog modular synthesizers, both vintage and modern. This has been a passion of mine since the mid 70’s, one that still gives me tremendous pleasure and inspires much creativity. These “Notes” are a record of my on going experiments in composition and sound design. Check back often for frequent updates…

3.23.16 –

One of my two ARP 2600’s was beautifully restored by Phil Cirocco of CMS, and this is the first piece from 3 a.m. last night. One ARP 2600 synthesizer, performed live, with minimal effects (Lexicon Prime Time II and Yamaha Rev7)…


Number Theory

ARP 2600 in 2016, Ab

Adams & Verbos

Passacaglia in Ab for Oberheim 4 Voice

Chaconne in Ab for Moog