A River Runs Through It

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“A River Runs Through It is the first picture I scored for Robert Redford, and a tremendous experience for me. First of all, it was my first fully orchestral score, and I learned a tremendous amount. It was also a great pleasure working with Robert, as he’s a wonderful director, and very insightful about storytelling and music’s role in filmmaking.”

–Mark Isham

3 thoughts on “A River Runs Through It

  1. I am Camp’s Music, a small Sheet Music (and Instrumental accessories) Store in Midland Michigan. A Student of a Patron Piano teacher wants the sheet music to A River Runs Through it. I don’t think you’ve sold publishing rights to this, have you. Is there an Easy or Early Intermediate Piano version written?
    If so, perhaps we can correspond as per availability. My supplier is Southcoast, in Ft Lauderdale Florida. I place book and sheet music orders from them every two weeks. Lisa at Camp’s –

  2. This entire score is amazing, how it turned a great story into an epic masterpiece on film, how it was your first full orchestral score…wow. But a piece that I could quite literally listen to over and over and over again is “In Half-Light of the Canyon.” It is quite simply one of the greatest, most moving pieces of music I have ever heard. Thank you for finding the creativity in your soul and bringing this to life.

  3. Mr Isham, I’m looking for flute sheet music to “In the Half-light of the Canyon” from “A River Runs Through It” for my wife. Was it ever published?


    Steve Sloane.

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