Isham/Redford – Round 2

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No, it’s not a boxing match – it’s Part 2 of Mark’s interview with “The Conspirator” director & film icon Robert Redford. “The Conspirator” being their fourth collaboration, the two discuss music in film, and why they work so well together.

You can purchase “The Conspirator” by clicking here, and you can check for “The Conspirator” movie times in your area by clicking here.

3 thoughts on “Isham/Redford – Round 2

  1. Mark,
    Your a genius friend. I so appreciate your video with R. Redford – very insightful. I saw the film and plan on picking up a copy of the audio/score. Really wonderful.

  2. Sorry I missed this Mark! Just seeing it now! I love the the aspects that you both brought this interview. I always strive to ask this from directors, How do you want the audience to feel, rather than what the music should sound like. Feeling your way. I love the simplicity of how a transparent score that does not get in the way. I was lucky enough to have met Mr. Redford and receive nice comments at Sundance in 1999 on a film I did for the late Phil Lucas that was in Official selection there about Allan Houser, a Native American Sculpture from Santa Fe NM.

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