Lions for Lambs

On Lions for Lambs, Mark reunites with Academy Award winning director Robert Redford, for whom he created scores for Quizshow, and the beloved A River Runs Through It. This timely film examines the complexities of war, and the ways in which events on different sides of the world can be linked together. Tom Cruise stars as ambitious Senator Jasper Irving, giving an eye-opening interview on the war to prominent journalist Janine Roth (Oscar winner Meryl Streep), who struggles with her own viewpoints while writing his story. Redford not only directs the film, but also rounds out this stellar cast as a professor trying to impart concern over current events into his students. As the movie progresses, the actions of these seemingly unconnected characters prove to be fatefully intertwined by the intricacies of war.

Mark says, “The score has a much bigger sound than I initially anticipated. It starts off almost like a thriller with a very electronic sound, but over the course of the film the orchestra becomes more prevalent. By the last reel, the score is up to a 72 piece orchestra with a choir of women!” Mark was thrilled to have talented concertmistress Margaret Batjer of the LA Chamber Orchestra performing the violin solos and Andrew Schulman on cello solos for this dramatic score.

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