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“The Billboard / Hollywood Reporter Film & TV Music conference at The Renaissance hotel in Hollywood took place last week, including a panel on EVOLUTION OF A SCORE AND THE BUSINESS OF COMPOSING FOR FILM & TV. The composers panelists included Nathan Barr (HBO’s “True Blood,” “Hostel”); Tyler Bates (“300,” “Sucker Punch,”), Mark Isham, (“Warrior,” “Dolphin Tale,” “Once Upon a Time),” Trevor Morris, (“Immortals,” “The Borgias”) and Christopher Young (“The Rum Diary,” “Spiderman 3” )The panel began with composers playing two different clips and explaining the musical decisions they made for each of the scenes. The panelists were then asked about their process both artistically and politically behind creating and revising a score and the business and balancing professional requirements with artistic vision. The consensus was that composers have limited time to create remarkable music for film and television. It was agreed that television can be more demanding because of the quick turnover that is expected for a weekly series, but the challenge of film is a composer bringing a unique voice to a project when the director has fallen in love with the “temp” score. The composers also offered advice on breaking into the business. The panel was very well received and all the composers were questioned for over an hour by audience members after they left the stage.”

Check out the photos from the conference, where Mark showed a clip from “Once Upon A Time” and discussed scoring the new ABC hit show! (You can also view the photos on Facebook by CLICKING HERE)

HR Panel 1
HR Panel 2
HR Panel 3
HR Panel 4
HR Panel 5
HR Panel 6
HR Panel 7
HR Panel 8
HR Panel 9
HR Panel 10
HR Panel 11

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