Mark’s Top 5 Most Influential Films

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Team Isham decided to wrestle Mark away from the piano this week and ask him a simple question:

What films inspire you? So without further ado, we present…

Mark’s Top 5 Most Influential Films

“These are the films that have influenced and impacted me at various points in my career…”

Number 5:

La Jetée – this film shook me up because I realized how much could be accomplished with very few resources”

Number 4:

Blade Runner – the film that convinced me that electronic scores were VERY cool and that I was proud to be a part of that movement”

Number 3:

2001: A Space Odyssey – The right ‘needle drop’ can be extremely rewarding!”

(*needle drop is a term used to describe when a film uses already existing and recorded music – like the classical pieces in 2001)

Number 2:

Inception – In my humble opinion, Hans’ best work. Proving that more is definitely more!”


Number 1:

The Godfather I & II – something I wish we could get back to these days – a great theme (or themes) is a transcendent thing!”

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