“Once Upon A Time…”

“Once Upon A Time…

The the writers of ‘LOST’ created a new show, teaming up with composer Mark Isham…

And that show had a teaser trailer, that appeared on YouTube…

And the adventure began…”

12 thoughts on ““Once Upon A Time…”

  1. Great job Mark! Looking forward to watching the show and listening to your music…are you doing the entire show’s score? Or just the opening theme?

  2. Very suspense-filled and edge-of-your-seat music, Mark! The show looks great! Will be sure to watch! Thanks so much for the teaser!

  3. Looks really terrific! Sounds really terrific! I think it’s really terrific!

    Jack Armstrong

  4. Someone PLEASE tell me the name of the score/theme in once upon a time that’s played in each episode…dying to know!!!! Please 🙂

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