PURE Mark Isham

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As a showcase of one of the label’s most groundbreaking musicians, PURE Mark Isham bridges the gap between music to listen to and music to live by.

The acclaimed composer of over seventy film scores – including such notable films as Crash, Eight Below, Running Scared, The Cooler, and A River Runs Through It, to name a few – Mark Isham has crafted an impressive career that has earned him a Grammy, and Emmy, and a Clio Award. His talents are surpassed by few and have been recognized on numerous occasions by multiple Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations. However, it is more than his award-winning resume that distinguishes him from his contemporaries. It is the passion evident in every note and the emotive versatility of his compositions that make his music at once genre-defying and undeniably memorable.

Isham, an accomplished trumpet player whose signature style blends influences from a multitude of genres, creates the kind of evocative music that not only breathes life into the films he scores but that entrenches itself into the individual spirits of those his songs touch. PURE Mark Isham brings together some of Isham’s most moving and powerful artistic creations, including the unforgettable orchestrations of “On The Threshold Of Liberty” and “A Tale Of Two Cities.” Languid and sultry, Isham’s virtuoso trumpet voice on “Azael” moves in the way that wind gives one a sense of space, while the impossibly subtle instrumental maneuverings of “Tibet Part II” linger long after the song’s conclusion with melancholic beauty. With melodies that float through sonic dimensions and electronic gestures that hover just above fluid jazz undertones, PURE Mark Isham is a compellingly provocative collection.

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  1. I am playing the album “A Winter’s Solstice” for my International Student (I am a teacher) and I never listened to A Tale of Two Cities from their perspective before and I sense a strong Oriental influence there. Is that what was intended? What do the two cities refer to? Of course, I find it beautiful!!!

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