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Ahh Sundance! Having just finished scoring “42” at Abbey Road with the brilliant London musicians, I hopped an overnight flight to Sundance. It may have been cold in Utah, but I had a good reason to be there…I scored a beautiful film for my old friend George Tillman, “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete”. I had the wonderful pleasure of co-composing the score with none other than Alicia Keys! Truly an amazing artist, and what a writer! If this whole mega-star thing doesn’t work out for her, she’s got a future in film composing…

Mister and Pete

Here’s an interview from the Hollywood Reporter:

Hollywood Reporter – Isham Makes His Sundance Debut

The film received a standing ovation at its screening, and should be hitting theatres some time this year.

I was able to sit down while at the festival as part of a Sundance panel with the wonderful Jan Kaczmarek and Terrance Blanchard.

Sundance - BMI Panel

And BMI hosted a roundtable as well:

BMI Roundtable

Needless to say, Sundance was a whirlwind and a great experience.

In other news, “Once Upon A Time” is twisting and turning its way through another wonderful season. There are some surprising and amazing things headed your way in the second half of this season. We’ve met Hook, whom do we meet next…

Once Upon A Time (ABC)


Looking forward to the rest of this year, there are some exciting things coming that I can’t quite tell you about yet…but they should make for an excellent 2013!

Lastly, there’s a new limited edition “I Buy My Music” shirt up, check it out. “The Creation Of Adamrock”

I Buy My Music Merch


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