The Majestic

It’s about a man who learns what it’s like to live as a hero and isn’t. The character becomes an innocent again and loses his cynicism. That’s what leading man Jim Carrey has to say about this excellent drama from Castle Rock Pictures. Frank Darabont, one of the quintessential directors of our time, has the amazing distinction of having both of his previous films (The Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption) nominated for Best Picture Oscars and he has done a terrific job with this heartfelt film. Mark says, “This is one of the most rewarding projects I have ever done. It’s a remarkable film and Frank tells the story as no one else can. It was a real challenge to create a score that would tell the story musically and complement the quality of the film and I took great pleasure in it.

Fans of Mark’s orchestral scores are in for a treat with this lush, romantic soundtrack featuring an 80-piece orchestra and special ambient string loops that Mark created just for this film. Another sonic highlight of the score is the prepared piano, a sound that Mark sculpted by outfitting his own Steinway grand with pencils, erasers and knives.” You can hear the results on the soundtrack album on Hollywood Records.

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