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Tibet – Mere mention of the word Tibet evokes images of a rich and magical country, its culture shrouded by a remote and inaccessible location. The music on this recording was composed and arranged by Mark Isham for the Windham Hill video, Tibet. It provides a look at the place called the “Roof of the World,” where the heavens and the earth meet, and where centuries old rhythms continue. It is a brief glimpse of vast stretches of empty, high plains and snowcapped peaks. The monasteries and the monks who live there are the last of an ever diminishing religious culture which has no parallel in the West.

“The use of haiku in this work stems first and foremost from a perception of it as music. Its rhythmic form, its tradition of repetition, the quality of the Japanese language itself as purely sound. The basic level of appreciation of its contribution then would be as a musical element solely – without significance or meaning to the words. The listener may choose whether or not to correlate a relationship of their own design between the poetry, the picture and the music.”

– Mark Isham

One thought on “Tibet

  1. Great artist is the year I follow your music with great passion.

    I want to let you know that this album “Tibet” is a masterpiece I never tire of listening, beautiful, fantastic.

    I met your beautiful music when I was 17 years buying two discs of the fantastic LP Windham Hill “Movie Music” and “Vapor Dravings” and subsequently “Tibet”
    “Castalia virgin” and “Mark Isham 1990 Virgin”.

    These albums are IN moltacura with LP and I keep them in my discography.

    Dearest great Artist I hope you will continue to give me great emotions with your Great and Great Music.

    A greeting and a hug from ‘Italy Alfredo

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